‘Carthaginese y Romanos’ can be enjoyed on the second fornight in September.

Cartagena city feels proud of the millennial past and its inhabitants who are the motor of the unique festivity in Spain.
For 10 days, in the last two weeks in September, more than four thousand inhabitants have taken part in this festivity since 1990, to revive the acts of the Second Punic War.
During the festivity, all of the heroic acts are revived which was took place in the 227 B.C, with the Quart Hadasht fundation by ‘ Asdrúbal Janto El Hermoso’, and it finished 209 B.C, with the battle and then, the conquer of the city by the Roman legions and with the commanding ‘General Publio Cornelio Escipión’
You will enjoy yourself by taking touristic bus, that modifies the normal route and enjoy the free cultural activities and taste the delicious gastronomic food in the Day Camp.

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